How to fix the sound problem with Acestream’s snap package in Ubuntu

Today, I tried to open a stream in Acestream, installed with Snap, just to find out it wouldn’t play any sound. Looking at the command-line output, I noticed an access error to Pulseaudio. Pulseaudio was running, so I thought it could be a confinement issue and reinstalled Acestream, this time using the –classic option to disable the confinement on install. It didn’t work.

The next step was to download the binaries from the project’s website. Sadly, the download speed was painfully slow; it was around 30Kbps. What the hell?! I’ve seen dial-up connections with better speed.

After cursing a little (it was not a little cursing), I remembered I used to have acestream-launcher in Manjaro. This small Python utility allows you to leverage the Acestream Engine with any movie player you like. Whohoo! I was on to a solution.

First, I cloned the github repository, made sure I had all the dependencies (you can use the Acestream snap package, no need to use some random Ubuntu repository) and ran the Python script with the following arguments:

python acestream://streamID --player mpv --engine acestreamplayer.engine

In a few seconds I had access to the stream, with sound!

I don’t know if this is a bug in the snap package or something related to my systems’ config – I did an upgrade from Ubuntu 17.10 to 18.04, so it might be related to some configuration or something. What matters is: if you have the same problem I had, this is a possible solution.