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Ramblings about Firefox and a message to Mozilla (updated)

Update: It seems I was a bit unfair. Apparently, the slow performance was due to Flash Player, that piece of proprietary crap that’s been hard to wipe from the face of the web. But Firefox still has some performance related problems to fix.

Hello, Mozilla.

My name is Bruno Miguel, a Portuguese citizen using Firefox before version 1.0. For years, I’ve been recommending your browser to anyone I knew/know, not only because it’s free software, but also because I really thought of it as an excellent browser. I even helped the Mozilla’s Portuguese community in translation and blogging.

Well, not anymore. Today, I probably reached the limit of my patience with Firefox. Maybe I should’ve reached it a few releases ago, when people started to be more vocal about the browser’s performance issues. Instead, I chose to give it yet another change. I know this things happen and the devs were quick to say they would improve it.

Truth be said, for a few releases I saw an improvement. But version 18.0.1 (in Ubuntu GNU/Linux) is just a piece of pure slow performance crap. I mean it! Even after continuous profile maintenance, VACUUM the crap out of the *.sqlite files and disabling extensions, it’s slower than an old man with crutches. And I’ve seen this not only with my GNU/Linux system, but with other distributions and OSs. So, maybe it’s not just my problem.

I really don’t know what you want to do with the browser, Mozilla, but I think increasing the user base it not your objective. Maybe you want to force people to switch to other browsers, because that’s what I’m considering doing. Everyday, I see myself using more of Chromium, Epiphany, Midori and Rekonq, and less of Firefox. I’m just tired of poor performance.

The next stable Firefox version you release will be your final chance. If things don’t improve, I’ll be another user ditching Firefox for, probably, Chromium. But you probably don’t care, since more and more people are doing it and I have yet to see a strategy to avoid that. Maybe rewriting all the code would be a good start…

2 thoughts on “Ramblings about Firefox and a message to Mozilla (updated)

    • Bruno Miguel says:

      I’ve had people on social networking telling me that their experience is the opposite of mine with the latest releases. Maybe it works better on some architectures better than others? Some other cause, like some compile option being used? I have no idea. I do know that, after wiping out the browser history, I got a slight increase in performance, but nothing too big.

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