Trying to quit coffee and cigarettes

Quitting smoking and drinking coffee is hard. I’m on the third day and, although I don’t feel any relevant urges or have bad moods, I do feel a terrible headache all day, non stop. I knew it would be hard, but headaches all day is a pain in the ass. Guess that’s the consequence of drinking coffee since I was 11 years old (I’m 33 at the time of writing).

2 thoughts on “Trying to quit coffee and cigarettes

  1. Tentei as duas coisas também em simultâneo. O tabaco consegui, o café não mas não bebo mais do que dois por dia. Não consegui lidar com o sono e a moleza da parte da tarde…. Do tabaco não sinto falta nenhuma (mas custou!) e já lá vão uns anitos.

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