A Stylish extension theme to “fix” the new round Twitter

Twitter introduced a new design to the web and mobile interfaces, making them more round. The changes were received with the expected polarization: some love it, some hate it. Just like sushi, it seems that there are few people in a middle ground stance.

I admit I like the new design, but not everything with it. For starters, I find that the typeface doesn’t fit well with the changes, as some other elements that kept the square look. So, to fix it and to decrease the roundness of some elements, I created a stylish theme for the social network.

Stylish is a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome and some other browsers (any browser based on the previous two will probably allow you to install it), that allows you to create and/or install themes to change some or all of the look of any website.

To install my theme, you just need to access it on website and click on the install button.

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