Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum rocks!

Firefox got a major speed overhaul in version 55, the current stable version at the time of writing. I’ve used it for a few weeks and the differences are impressive.

In the same environment, it used less RAM (even with 20+ tabs), felt more responsive and started faster. Pretty impressive changes, if you ask me. And some needed ones, because the browser seemed to have a similar appetite for memory as Google Chrome and felt slow using it.

Can this get even better? Yes it can!

Meet Firefox 57. This is the version currently in beta and is part of the Quantum Project, which intends to improve the browser’s performance. Oh boy, and improve it did. The software is faster in almost every way: shorter render times, faster startup and less used RAM. Also, there are a few (more than welcome) changes to the interface, most notably the ability change between one single address and search bar or two separate bars (the current default behavior).

If you haven’t tried it already, go ahead, make your day. You can thank me later. 🙂

By the way, please be advised that some extensions do not work with this version. Luckily, uBlock Origin works.

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