So long, Void. Hello (again) Debian

I’d been using Void Linux for a few months and I was generally happy with this distribution. The performance is good, it uses a rolling-release model, has a D.I.Y. component to it and helped me learn a bit more about Linux internals. Yet, Debian kept whispering my name in the wind.

Debian was the first Linux distribution I really tested and ended up installing. Or was it Ubuntu? My memory is not what it used to be. But let’s be fair, it doesn’t matter which one was the first: Debian always struck me as a solid operating system, even the Testing branch. And the fact that the repositories are loaded with software helps a bit.

Software availability is an area where Void somewhat lacks. You can always build something from source, a reasonable thing to do if it’s just a software or two. When this number increases, it can be a P.I.T.A. – keeping track of new versions and new dependencies can quickly become a nightmare.

So, although I’m a bit sad because I had a good experience, I removed Void and installed Debian – a.k.a. The Universal Operating System – Testing.

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