Canhoto ou destro, tudo depende da espinha dorsal

A espinha dorsal – e não o cérebro, como se pensava até agora – é que define se somos canhotos ou destros. Esta conclusão foi avançada num artigo da autoria investigadores da Universidade Ruhr de Bochum, juntamente com outros investigadores da Holanda e África do Sul.

Um estudo publicado no eLife no ano passado sugere que, ao contrário do que se pensava, não nasces canhoto(a) ou destro(a) devido às diferenças genéticas entre os dois hemisférios do teu cérebro, mas sim a um mecanismo na espinha dorsal.

Para saberes mais sobre este estudo e como funciona este mecanismo, lê o texto que escrevi no Espalha Factos.

Bash: how-to improve history manipulation

By default, up and down keys allow you to navigate your bash history. Another option is the history built-in command and bash expansions (ex.: !2 runs the second command, oldest to newest, from your bash history).

There are also tools, like bash-it, that allow for better history manipulation, but this also adds a lot of other stuff, so it might make your .bashrc load slower. It will make your bash look good as hell too.

Another option for an awesome way to access your bash history is the following snippet, based on bash-it‘s history plugin:

if [ -t 1 ]
    bind '"\e[A": history-search-backward'
    bind '"\e[B": history-search-forward'

With this, you only need to write part of a command, press the up arrow and it will complete it with the commands in bash history file that match to what you’ve written.

I’ve add it to the end of my .bashrc. Together with bash completion, it improves my workflow by a lot.

Criptex, an encripted email service with focus on privacy

Criptex is a new email client with a strong focus on the user’s privacy and data security, released by an independent company with the same name. The app stores all the emails on the device(s) it’s used, encrypted with the Signal Protocol, instead of storing them in their servers. This gives user’s total control over their data.

This software is open source and available for Android, iOS and macOS. Linux and Windows releases will be available soon.


I was browsing Reddit when I saw this cartoon. I immediately related to it, because I sometimes forget to water my bonsai and at one time I actually killed one dry. And I bet I’m far from alone in this.

note-keeper, a script for your note taking needs

note-keeper is a small bash script to simplify the creation, editing and management of notes. It uses the text editor set up in the $EDITOR environment variable, but if that variable is empty it defaults to Vim in insert mode.

(the image from this post is the one found in the script repository at the time of this article publishing)