I’ve started reading The Darkening Age, a book by Catherine Nixey about the destruction Christianity brought to the other religions in its early days. This was a recommendation André Esteves made to me on Twitter and I’m glad he did it. I’ve just finished the prologue and was so blown by how it ends that I stopped reading it so I could publish this.

Mere decapitation wasn’t enough. More blows fell, scalping Athena, striking the helmet from the goddess’s head, smashing it into pieces. Further blows followed. The statue fell from its pedestal, then the arms and shoulders were chopped off. The body was left on its front in the dirt; the nearby altar was sliced off just above its base.
Only then does it seem that these men – these Christians – felt satisfied that their work was done. They melted out once again into the desert. Behind them the temple fell silent. The votive lamps, no longer tended, went out. On the floor, the head of Athena slowly started to be covered by the sands of the Syrian desert.
The ‘triumph’ of Christianity had begun.

Catherine Nixey - The Darkening Age

And some people wonder why I hate religion.