In the previous post, I wrote about how I changed the virtual machine provider from Scaleway to Hetzner. In the days following the transition, I timed how much it took to build all the packages and sync them to the webserver, so I could compare the new provider with the previous one.

The specs are very similar: 4 vCPUs and 8GB of RAM. There is one difference, however: with Scaleway, the vCPUs were some Intel low-end ones (although they’ve upgraded to AMD EPYC very recently) and with Hetzer they are AMD EPYC. And what a difference this makes.

Previously, 250 and something packages took almost 5 hours to complete the build and sync them to the webserver. Now, it takes around 4 hours and 12 minutes to build and sync 328 packages. That’s a huge difference.

I’ve only been using Hetzer for userrepository for about a week, but so far it feels like an improvement. But I’ve yet to test the network performance.