It took me a while to update you about the latest changes to my Arch and Arch-compatible Linux distributions repository. But first, let me apologize for the delay: work, personal life and, for about 3 weeks now, a horrible back pain (that just doesn’t stop, even with an handful of medication) have kept me from doing this in the time frame I expected.

First on the “agenda”, I experimented with increasing the zstd compression level for the packages like I said I would do in my last post about the repository. The trade-off was not worth it: the increase in packaging time was far superior to the small decrease in package size. So, I’ll keep the zstd compression level to “-12” in the foreseeable future.

Also, up to a few days ago, I would manually update the packages and, from time to time, do a full build. Now, I’m using a cron job and pueue to manage the tasks and it always does a full build.

If you don’t know pueue, this application is a command-line task management tool for sequential and parallel execution of long-running tasks. Besides adding tasks, you can watch the logs for them, the exit codes and even follow what the task is doing (just like using “tail -f /destination/file”). But pueue can do much more. Go check it out at Github. also has a few more packages. For example: vimtips, wego, wttr, plymouth and performance-tweaks. All of them are at AUR and at the Git repository where I have sources, if you want to take a look at the commits (just ignore some of the commit messages, because I can be lazy with them at times ^^’).

One last thing: please become a Patron if you want to support Even €1 will help cover the monthly expenses, just over €15. If I get enough patrons, I’ll be able to upgrade the virtual machine to one with better specs, which will allow a higher package compression level, shorter build times and maybe even packaged kernels. Thank you!