Since the last post about my Arch (and Arch-compatible distributions) binary repository, I’ve added a few more packages. Some examples are the Mullvad VPN desktop client and nimdow, a window manager written in the Nim programming language. Or Emptty, an amazing display manager that I encourage you to try.

Despite adding more packages, the compilation and compression time only had a small increase and I’m still below the 5 hour mark. And I’ve kept the zstd “-12” compression level.

Right now, I’m doing a full build to time it again. If it keeps below the 5 hour mark, I’ll try to increase the compression level to “-15” to see if the trade-off is worth it. If so, you’ll have smaller packages, allowing you to save bandwidth.

I’ll keep you updated as soon as I make the change. But that might take a few days, because work and stuff.

One last thing: please become a Patron if you want to support Even €1 will help cover the monthly expenses, just over €15. If I get enough patrons, I’ll be able to upgrade the virtual machine to one with better specs, which will allow a higher package compression level, shorter build times and maybe even packaged kernels. Thank you! 🙂