Thoughts on one-month usage of Librewolf

I’ve been using Librewolf for over a month, and I’m going to keep using it

maio 6, 2023 · 1 minuto · Bruno Miguel
Foto do Chico a dormir ao pé de mim no sofá

Trying to regain privacy

It’s getting increasingly hard to have privacy online

março 26, 2023 · 2 minutos · Bruno Miguel

Chrome extensions hellscape

I’ve been experiencing reduced performance with Firefox for a few releases now. This decrease in performance happens even with a clean profile. So, I began testing other browsers. Two of them are Chromium and Brave. They are nice and whatnot, but they have two issues in common: they threaten browser engine diversity (remember the Internet Explorer dominance days and how that negatively impacted the web?) and the Chrome Store hellscape. There are a lot - and I mean a lot - of proprietary extensions on the Chrome Store....

março 11, 2022 · 2 minutos · Bruno Miguel

A few notes about Opera and Vivaldi

These are a few notes about Opera and Vivaldi web browser’s when compared to Firefox, after using both for a week. The good sleek interface (both but I became more fond of Opera in this regard) functionality (both) some sort of adblocker included (both) integrated VPN in Opera (although I have mixed feelings about this, since it’s proprietary as far as I can tell) The bad resource usage bigger than Firefox in my system (both) slower than Firefox, using default configs (both) proprietary (both) The following specs were used when testing both browsers:...

agosto 22, 2019 · 1 minuto · Bruno Miguel