Google Chrome is a privacy hell

Google Chrome is such a privacy hell that it has become it’s own hell in the japanese folklore. You’re better off with Firefox and you get better performance. But if you really want Chrome, Ungoogled Chromium is based on the previous (technically, it’s based on Chromium) with some bits removed for added privacy.

setembro 27, 2018 · 1 minuto · Bruno Miguel

Criptex, an encripted email service with focus on privacy

Criptex is a new email client with a strong focus on the user’s privacy and data security, released by an independent company with the same name. The app stores all the emails on the device(s) it’s used, encrypted with the Signal Protocol, instead of storing them in their servers. This gives user’s total control over their data. This software is open source and available for Android, iOS and macOS. Linux and Windows releases will be available soon....

agosto 10, 2018 · 1 minuto · Bruno Miguel